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Name's 2099, and if anyone's interested in adopting a child assassin? If so, contact me, if price too high, then maybe we can find a middle ground.

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Assassin OC Adtoptible
Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath Adaoptible
Sin: Wrath

Name: Tucker Desmond/Daniel Trevor

Species: Labrador Retriever

Age: 17

Profession: Student/Child Assassin

Fur: Golden-Brown

Hair: Short Blonde

Eyes: Ice-Cyan

Height: 5ft. 10in.

Weight: 145lbs

Weapon: Karambit and Topang

Fighting Style: Ancient Pencak Silat/Bakti Negara

Biography: After witnessing his father gunned down by four FBI agents at the age of four, little Daniel Trevor was taken by his mother to jump off a building so that they may join him. Unfortunately, he survived. Taken up by the Indonesian stationed assassin cult known as the "Clan of Shadows"; a clan his father had been vanished from. Years of training molded young Daniel into one of the Clan's most dangerous assassins. His skills in combat and ability to fool his victims wit a false personality led him to become Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins. At the age of seventeen, he and the rest of the Sins were appointed on a suicide mission to assassinate a corporate CEO, who was the one who ordered for his father's death. Ironically enough, FBI agents, the very ones who had killed his father, were hired to guard.

Wrath showed no mercy for the first two, labeling their corpses as "Killers" in their own blood. Now only two remain, as well as the one who was to aid them . . . . And yet . . . . no one knows the dark truth of the CEO . . .

Cost: 100 Points
I hope I'm wrong, but as of June 3, 2016; Muhammad Ali, the greatest Boxer ever to throw punches, has passed away. This news maybe fabricated, he may well still be in critical condition. But if rumors are true, we need to be strong, he was with his family; doesn't that count for anything?

Anthros, Fan Fiction, Martial Arts, Sly Cooper
Thieves, Mercs and More
During the Dawn of the Omega Age, a young raccoon who is the recent descendant of an infamous family of thieves must put aside his thieving ways to uncover a shocking conspiracy. Along with his eager, yet inexperienced, team; the young thief must face law enforcement, bounty hunters, corrupt officials, mercenaries and even other thieves. At the same time as juggle the affection of two lovely ladies who can kick ass. With a challenge around every corner , Cade soon discovers a bit about his family that he may not agree with.

Lucian Dodge as Cadeus "Cade" Cooper
Bumper Robinson as Nikolai "Nik" Warkova
Jim Sturgess and Emma Watson as Devon "Dev" and Camilla "Cammy" McLeod
Lance Henriksen as Coven
Peter Dinklage as Geist
Tara Strong as Lassie
Jennifer Hale as Bomba
Lex Lang as Ken Fenrir

All characters and storyline are they property of Kristoffer Brandberg AKA Krillos (who is welcomes to say anything if the voices don't work out with how he imagines them and differ from how he wanted them tot sound) and are the result of his permission.


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Mark Aguilar
United States
I'm a horrible at anything art related, so I'm hoping no one is upset or insulted

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